Tidalwaves sunglasses

why choose tidalwaves?

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High Performance

Eyeware for boaters & fisherman, providing maximum protection on the water.

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Anti-glare sunglass lenses reduce light glare and eyestrain they improve vision and safety in the sun.

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A lightweight frame which will always bob on the surface if dropped in the water.

What Our Customers Say

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John C.

As someone who's very particular about their gear, I'm thoroughly impressed with the Tidalwaves Sunglasses. They've held up great against the elements, and the lens technology really helps enhance my vision while fishing. 

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Matt S.

I appreciate the attention to detail Xanigo Marine has put into the Tidalwaves Sunglasses. From the packaging to the product istelf, everything screams quality. Plus, they do a fantastic job of protecting my eyes from the sun and reflections off the water. 

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Jon H.

Was hesitant about the price at first, but after using my Tidalwaves Sunglasses on a sunny day out on the lake, I can say they're worth every penny. The difference in clarity and comfort is night and day compared to my old pair. 


Tim R.

The Tidalwaves Sunglasses are not only stylish but incredibly functional. I've used them while sailing and was amazed by how effective they are at reducing glare without compromising visibility. 


Bryan G.

I've gone through countless pairs of sunglasses for fishing, but the Tidalwaves by Xanigo Marine are by far the best. They stay put, even in rough conditions, and the polarized lenses are amazing for spotting fish. 

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Kevin K.

Absolutely love my new Tidalwaves Sunglasses from Xanigo Marine! They're perfect for my boating weekends, providing excellent glare reduction and comfort. Definitely a game-changer on the water.

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