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Captain's Kit

Captain's Kit

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What are others saying?

  • Stephanie B.- Boat Owner

    "We have done two applications in the last 9 months on our 2019 Twin Vee and the upholstery looks like new with mildew being non-existent."

  • Practical Sailor Magazine

    "It performed very well on our life jackets preventing all growth, even after exposed to a full year of rain and partial sun."

  • Bryant Vega- Boat Club Owner

    "At first, I was very skeptical that it would really prevent mold like they said it would. Man was I wrong. I am a full believer in Xanigo Marine!"

  • Alex May- Owner, May River Boat Detailing

    "I’ve been using this product for over a year now and I’ve seen the results. It has kept seats, cushions, and compartments mold free."

  • Nick Caceres - Owner, Precision Marine Detailing

    "Because I can now prevent mold, my time from a 4 hour detail has been significantly cut down so I have more time to do other boats or even spend extra time with family."

  • Justin Heady- Owner, J&J Boat Services

    "Mold & Mildew Prevention is now something we offer on ALL of our detail jobs. Fantastic Service. Great company to be partnered with!"

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