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Freedom Detailer Kit 

Freedom Detailer Kit 

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As a professional boat detailer, you deal with mold and mildew every day so you know how important it is to PREVENT it once it's removed!

The Xanigo Marine Mold Prevention Solution prevents and protects against mold and mildew for up to 90 days with just one application, leaving your customers happy and impressed!

Xanigo Marine Waterless Wash keeps boats clean between prevention applications without the use of harsh chemicals or wasting water. No hose or running water needed!

Save the environment while protecting against mold and mildew on seats, life jackets, vinyl, canvas, ropes, carpet and other areas with high moisture.

When applied with our Xanigo Marine Sprayer, this system STOPS mold and mildew cold! 


  • World's only patented Organosilane compound, providing greater protection
  • No alcohol and non-flammable
  • Water based (only water-based Organosilane)
  • Long shelf life of 1.5 years unopened, 1 year opened 


1 Freedom (cordless) Atomizer w/battery & charger, 1 gallon of Xanigo Marine Mold & Mildew Prevention Solution and 1 case (4 quarts) of Xanigo Marine Waterless Wash & Fabric Refresher.

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The Xanigo Marine Detailer Model

What are others saying?

"We have done two applications in the last 9 months on our 2019 Twin Vee and the upholstery looks like new with mildew being non-existent."

Stephanie B.
(Boat Owner)

"It performed very well on our life jackets preventing all growth, even after exposed to a full year of rain and partial sun."

Practical Sailor

"At first, I was very skeptical that it would really prevent mold like they said it would. Man was I wrong. I am a full believer in Xanigo Marine!"

Bryant Vega 
Boat Club Owner

"Because I can now prevent mold, my time from a 4 hour detail has been significantly cut down so I have more time to do other boats or even spend extra time with family."

Nick Ceseras
Precision Marine Detailing

"Mold & Mildew Prevention is now something we offer on ALL of our detail jobs. Fantastic Service. Great company to be partnered with!"

Justin Heady
J&J Boat Services

"I’ve been using this product for over a year now and I’ve seen the results. It has kept seats, cushions, and compartments mold free."

Alex May
May River Boat Detailing

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